SHS is 1st in KY to Partner with House of Shine

Sacred Heart Schools is the first school in Kentucky to adopt the House of Shine leadership development curriculum and one of only three K-12 school systems in the country. SHINE refers to the Strengths, Hobbies, Interests & Irritants, Needs, and Experiences that make them unique. This is a self-discovery framework that JFLI will integrate into the K-12 leadership development curriculum at SHS, for professional development of staff and to continue to build a culture of leadership at SHS. Led by Dr. Claudia Beeny, three House of Shine team members trained faculty, staff, and administration to use the House of Shine methodology. Each SHS staff member chose a project to implement using the SHINE framework.
The curriculum is focused on understanding yourself and making the most of your talents and gifts. Beyond discovering your SHINE, the program will be the catalyst that helps each individual activate it, implement it, and grow it, so each can make their corner of the world a little brighter. 
Lauren Hitron, Director of the Jean Frazier Leadership Institute at Sacred Heart Schools, said, “House of Shine is the perfect partner for the Jean Frazier Leadership Institute because we believe that self-awareness is the foundation of leadership development. The House of Shine team, led by Dr. Beeny, curated the perfect training for our team to implement the House of Shine framework into leadership programming and use it to enhance the leadership culture at Sacred Heart Schools.  We are looking forward to sharing our SHINE with all of our community. Look for the yellow jackets around campus!
SHS Shineologists
Ten SHS Staff received the Shineologist Certification from House of Shine.
Lauren Hitron
Dr. Karen McNay
Tina Kaufmann
Kathie Davis
Lauren Coffey
Jessica Hammer
Jennifer Sartin
Betsy Ferch
Katie Spenlau
Jane Cruthirds

Dr. Claudia Beeney
About House of Shine and Dr. Claudia Beeny
Dr. Claudia K. Beeny is a visionary leader dedicated to helping individuals unlock their inner shine and create a life that radiates with purpose. With an impressive background in higher education, Claudia's journey took an exciting turn when she decided to follow her true calling and establish House of Shine—a groundbreaking educational nonprofit based in Grapevine, Texas.

At House of Shine, Claudia and her exceptional team are not content with merely writing K-12 curriculum or developing teaching tools. They are catalysts of transformation, orchestrating leadership experiences and crafting custom experiential workshops for people of all ages.
Claudia's profound insights extend beyond physical spaces. She shares her wisdom through her influential book, "What's Your Shine? A Method for Discovering Who You Are and Why It Matters," and her captivating podcast, providing invaluable tools for leading a life that radiates brilliance.

It is no coincidence that Claudia feels House of Shine chose her rather than the other way around. She firmly believes that within each of us lies a distinctive blend of talents and gifts waiting to be unleashed for the betterment of the world. With an unwavering purpose, Claudia is dedicated to guiding others on their journey of self-discovery, helping them bridge the gap between where they are and where they aspire to be. Today, House of Shine stands as a trailblazing educational nonprofit, empowering individuals, organizations, and entire communities to thrive.