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Classrooms of the Future


Today’s educational paradigm is no longer a one-size-fits-all transfer of knowledge but one of knowledge creation and curation. Teaching strategies have changed dramatically in the 21st century, but much of the country’s classroom design has not changed with the times. This paradigm shift begs for a new wave of flexible seating in classrooms and Sacred Heart Model School is on the forefront of the movement.

No two SHMS classrooms are the same, but they all naturally support the four areas of 21st century learning- collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. Our educational spaces are active, student-centered, inquiry-based environments where students are challenged to take academic risks to develop their research, writing and critical-thinking skills.


These flexible, dynamic classrooms of the future have everything from mini-trampolines, balance balls, standing desks, and stationary bicycle pedals to innovative collaboration spaces and comfortable reading nooks. Our interactive touch-screen panels, 1:1 iPad program and Chromebooks for students in Levels 3 - 5 ensures SHMS stays ahead of the curve in the technological advances needed to support this dynamic model. Our students have the tools they need to remain engaged and excited about learning.